We are liposome contract manufacturers in Hamburg, Germany.


We Manufacture Liposomal Supplements Which Are 30x More Effective Than Pills or Powder. Find out more about our Liposome Contract Manufacturing.

White-Label Liposome Contract Manufacturing

Here at PlantaCorp, we are liposome contract manufacturers of supplements and products. Producing almost every formulation for white label production. 


We Are Experts in Liposome Production

PlantaCorp is ISO 22000 and GMP certified.

All our liposomal contract manufacturing is covered and certified by ISO 22000 and GMP; ensuring our contract manufacturing is to the highest standard. 

About PlantaCorp

PlantaCorp is a manufacturer of liposome products and supplements. All our products are designed and made in Germany. Covered by ISO best standards to ensure the quality of the liposomal production process. 

PlantaCorp’s Development

PlantaCorp has always strived for the production of high quality and fast absorbing dietary supplements. Through its liposomal product development and research it has been able to achieve these goals. 


Liposome Production Process

Here at PlantaCorp we have optimised the production of our white label liposome production for contract manufacturing. We have broken down our contract manufacturing into 8 simple steps. These steps guide you through the process of working with us to create your own liposome business.

Why PlantaCorp’s Process?

Our liposome contract manufacturing is all covered under ISO 22000 and GMP. As well as this, our production process is confidential, allowing you to place your trust in us to produce your very own formula. With our expertise, and your passion, we can help develop your perfect product. 

Developing Liposomal Technology & Liposomes Contract Manufacturing

The development of liposomal technology has seen vast improvements to the Dietary Supplement Industry. The process of developing liquid supplements has dramatically increased absorption rate, improving the bioavailability of the supplement. All in our liposome contract manufacturing process.


How This Technology Can Help You

Working in partnership with us, we can help improve your products through PlantaCorp’s technology. We aim to give you the edge in the marketing and sales of your products. 


Ingredients we are experienced with

We can incorporate other ingredients too, let us know what you have in mind.


Some of our packaging options

Get an idea of how your product could look like

​For some years now, we have been happy to distribute the products of the PlantaCorp range. We found partners listening to us, open and curious. This allows us to have a constructive relationship and a common vision. The quality of the products offered is high-end and constant.



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