PlantaCorp's Liposome Manufacturing

PlantaCorp Hamburg is an innovative liposomal formulations company. Utilising a unique production process for liposome manufacturing, we have developed revolutionary dietary supplements. 

Liposome vs Regular Tablets

The process of liposome manufacturing enables active ingredients to be safely delivered. Delivering ingredients directly into the bloodstream through increasing bioavailability.


Bioavailability of Liposome Manufacturing Supplements

Many active substances have shown inferior bioavailability when taken at high dosages. An overwhelming number of tablets existing on the current market are therefore ineffective. With liposomal formulations, that changes dramatically. We are able to optimise the full potential of our ingredients. 

Our Liposome Manufacturing Process

At PlantaCorp Hamburg we pride ourselves on the use of state of the art technology and machinery. This technology helps us to streamline our production processes. The integration of our research and development department improves our manufacturing. We use our very own workshop, enables us to produce liposomal manufacturing to the highest quality. We can also assure you that we uphold the strictest confidentiality throughout the manufacturing process. 

ISO 22000 Certified Producer and Liposome Manufacturer

PlantaCorp Hamburg is an ISO 22000 certified producer. We have a tremendous head start against our fellow German competitors. We plan to utilise this lead to further continue innovations and development of our products.

PlantaCorp’s Aims

Our aim is to deliver liposomal products to business customers worldwide. Conquering the global market with unparalleled quality and efficiency.

Revolutionary Liposome Manufacturing

Our success as an enterprise stems from our commitment to provide revolutionary products to a large audience.

Upholding dietary supplement regulations as our legal base. The CEO's of PlantaCorp Hamburg are revolutionising the nutritional supplement market. We are empowering individuals to influence their health and lifestyle in a positive and supportive way.

Here at PlantaCorp Hamburg, we focus on using the most up today scientific knowledge. We use this knowledge to innovate the technology of our liposome manufacturing process. This enables us to achieve our top priority: delivering the highest quality products to you, our consumer. 

PlantaCorp’s CEO's

Jan Braband


We are committed to modern, innovative technology in production and scientific knowledge in the development of your products. Quality is our top priority.

Quality is our top priority.

Rinat Albetkov


We want nothing less than to revolutionize the nutritional supplement market. Let's reinvent supplements together.

Let's reinvent supplements together.

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