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Who we are

PlantaCorp is a young and modern Company offering a unique production process for liposomal formulations. These dietary supplements deliver active ingredients directly and unharmed into the bloodstream. That is truly revolutionary, and doubly so, because many active substances have shown inferior bioavailability, especially when taken at high dosages. An overwhelming number of tablets and pills existing on the market are therefore next to useless. With liposomal formulations, that changes dramatically. We use our ingredients‘ full potential.

We utilize a strictly confidential process with extremely sophisticated machinery and technologies from our own workshop and research & development department to produce liposomal formulations.

As an ISO 22000 certified producer, PlantaCorp is still one of the only players in Germany with a tremendous head start. PlantaCorp will use this head start to consequently enhance its processes and products, and therefore be able to lead the market for many years to come. Our aim is to deliver liposomal products to business customers worldwide and conquer the global market with unparalleled quality and efficiency.

Besides our success as an enterprise, we have a strong commitment to providing a revolutionary and extremely powerful product to a large audience. With dietary supplement regulations as a legal base, we empower individuals to influence their health and life in a very positive way.

Rinat Albetkov


Jan Braband


We want nothing less than to revolutionize the nutritional supplement market.

Let's reinvent supplements together.

We are committed to modern, innovative technology in production and scientific knowledge in the development of your products.

Quality is our top priority.