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What Does Liposomal Mean?

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

A Natural Phenomenon Creating a Revolution

Dietary supplements have had a revolution due to a natural phenomenon in the nutraceutical world – liposomes. When combining water and phospholipids they form nanoscopic spheres of fat called liposomes. These powerful spheres can then encapsulate a wide range of ingredients. Including vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts and drastically enhance their absorption in the body. We call these liposomal formulations.

Liposome Structure

A double layer of phospholipids lines the outside of the liposome. Phospholipids are special fat molecules that have both a water-loving and water-fearing side. Because of this, they are able to encapsulate water and fat-soluble nutrients into these spheres. This makes for an extremely efficient liposomal delivery system for such nutrients.

Liposomes Enhance Bioavailability

These spheres are able to mask nutrients, that would otherwise be exposed to the harsh environment of the digestive tract. Without liposomes, nutrients are degraded by the acids of the stomach and have limited entry into our intestinal cells due to a lack of transporters to bring the nutrients inside. In fact, over 75% of traditional dietary supplements are not fully absorbed and thus have poor bioavailability.

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Double-Layed Membrane

However, the double-layered membrane of liposomes is the same as the membrane of our cells. So rather than entering our intestines through transporters, the liposome can fuse directly with the cell membrane. Delivering the nutrients inside the intestinal cell. From here, these nutrients can be effectively delivered to the bloodstream, and thus our cells. This enhanced absorption gives these nutrients a higher bioavailability. Higher than is naturally found for most nutrients and plant substances. Liposomes allow us to enhance this bioavailability and ensure that the ingredients are reaching the bloodstream.

So What Does Liposomal Mean?

It means the optimized absorption of vitamins, minerals, and plant substances. By encapsulating these ingredients into these nanoscopic spheres, we can mask them throughout the digestive tract and deliver them to where they matter most.

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