White Label Liposome Production Process

Creating your Liposomal Formulation

PlantaCorp GmbH is an expert in the development and creation of unique liposomal formulations of food supplements. We specialize in liquid supplements liposome contract manufacturing and in white label liposomal products. We are fully ISO 22000 and GMP-certified, ensuring the quality of your products. Further, our processes are completely confidential from start-to-finish, allowing you to place your trust in us to produce your very own formula. We also provide consultation on EU regulations, labelling and product formulations. 

How We Can Help You with Your Liposomal Formulation

8 Easy Steps to Your Own Liposomal Formulation

Liposome Manufacturing 1

1 Share your vision and ideas with us

We are happy to help you ideate or visualize what food supplements you would like to bring into the market. 

Liposome Manufacturing 2

You will get a personal business development partner assigned to you. He/she will guide you through the next few steps.

2 Contact your business development partner

Liposome Manufacturing 3

When we enter a full-grown business relationship, it is important to ensure that we are both satisfactorily protected along the way. We will draw up all the legal documents to ensure that we are partners in revolutionizing the world of food supplements.

3 Sign NDA and Terms & Conditions

Liposome Manufacturing 4

Our optional Product Development Day allows you to sit together with your personal business development partner and the scientific experts from R&D and production. They will answer any questions that you have and will help refine your product.

4 Optional: Product Development Day (PDD)

Liposome Manufacturing 6

You can go through our packaging options and discuss the alternatives with your business development partner. We will ensure that this process meets the highest quality and regulatory standards.

5 Choose your packaging

Liposome Manufacturing 6

As your idea reaches maturity, we will send you an offer for the development, production and delivery of your final product.

6  Get your offer

Liposome Manufacturing 7

7 Place your order

Once you are satisfied with every aspect of your product, you can place your order with us. Our ISO 22000-certified facility will then take the utmost care to produce your custom formulation. 

Liposome Manufacturing 8

8 Receive your personalized liposomal product

Once you have received your unique product, you will become a part of the liposomal revolution of the food supplement market.

Our White Label Liposome Manufacturing Service

Our internal R&D team, is constantly researching and refining new ingredients to overcome nutritional deficiencies. They have created a range of ready-to-use formulations of food supplements using our unique liposomal encapsulation technology. If you would like to join us in revolutionizing the food supplement market, we would be happy to produce these formulations as a white labelled product for you.  

Our Liposomal Technology

Our filed-for-patent liposomal encapsulation technology is responsible for the superiority of your product. Our Business Development Team will be happy to share the non-proprietary aspects of our production process with you. Please visit our Technology section to learn more about our liposomes and their health benefits.