Private Label Liposome Production Process

Creating your Liposomal Formulation

Here at PlantaCorp, we are experts of the creation and development of liposome formulation. We specialise in contract manufacturing for white label liposomal products. We are fully ISO 22000 and GMP certified, ensuring the quality of our products. 

How we can help you...

 Easy Steps to Your First Own Liposomal Formulation

1 Contact your liposomal sales buddy

When you first contact us, you will get assigned your own personal sales buddy. This buddy will guide you through the process of creating your own liposomal product.

You might already have a liposomal supplement in mind. Great! Let’s talk about your ideas and make them happen, through your vision and our experience.

2 Share your vision and ideas with us

 It is important to ensure we are both protected along the way. That’s why, at this point, we enter a full-grown business relationship. Once we have completed  the legal process we are partners in changing the world of supplements.

3 Sign NDA and Terms & Conditions

As your project is now maturing into a real product, we will send you an offer for its development, production and delivery.

5 Get your offer

Great ideas need great planning and expertise. We will calculate concentrations, start running our machines and bring  your formulation to life. For this, we ensure the highest quality and scientific standards

4 Let’s create your formula

Sometimes ideas need revision, even if they sounded great at the beginning. In this case, we can schedule a PDD to work together to figure out any adjustments.

6 Optional: Product Development Day (PDD)

7 Place your order

You made it! Now all planning is complete and ready for production, you can place the order for your own unique liposomal formulation. Our ISO22000 certified facility is then working its wonders.

8 Receive your product

The day you have been waiting for. You now receive your very own product. Starting today, you are part of the liposomal revolution of the supplement market!

Our Liposomal Technology

Find out more about our liposomal technology including the benefits and technical information. 

Speak to Us About Our Contract White Label Manufacturing

Here at PlantaCorp we have huge amounts of experience in the production and development of liposomal white label products. To get started on your process get in contact with us using the button below. 

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