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About Liposomes

Is there a way to significantly improve the absorption of supplements?

The answer: Yes, through liposomes. Functional nanospheres made of phospholipids.

Studies in medicine and nutritional science have already demonstrated up to a 30-fold increase in bioavailability(1,2) of vitamins, minerals and plant substances when encapsulated in liposomes. The term bioavailability is referring to the active amount of a nutrient entering the bloodstream. Both in their water-based interior and within their fat-based double membrane, they can transport substances regardless of their charge, size or structure.

Advantages over conventional dietary supplements:

Protection: The encapsulation protects active ingredients while in the digestive system.

Masking: The phospholipids mask the active substances, allowing them to be absorbed in higher doses and escape the very strong selective force of the small intestine.

Absorption: Liposomes are preferentially absorbed in the intestinal wall as they consist of the same building blocks as our cell membranes. The uptake of these phospholipids is a priority for our body and therefore, they easily reach their destination.

Through this optimized absorption, bioavailability can be significantly increased and health results reach their optimum. Side effects of some high-dose vitamins and minerals can be avoided by this Trojan horse of supplements.

Our liposomal supplements are:

  • highly bioavailable

  • efficient functional foods

  • simply orally ingestible

  • well suited for everyday use

  • natural nanotechnology

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